Immagine studio design Ancillotti Lambretta Manga dei Record del Mondo di Monza e Elvington del 1965 e 1966 con logo sullo sfondo in bianco e giallo Ancillotti Motorcycles

After the time when he was concentrated in producing karts, Gualtiero passed to the realisation of Lambretta Innocenti. The people of Florence remember the challenge between the Lambretta Ancillotti and the Vespa rigged by Gori. The Ancillotti's family,not content with the flattering results they had obtained, decided to develop a "particular" Lambretta. On 2 december 1965 they tried out, in Monza, a generously rigged Lambretta: it was an 175 TV brought to 202 c.c. Alberto Ancillotti and Italo Musolino (co-pilot), after many efforts, obtained the following results: starting from a standstill, Musolino, obtained 29'7/10 (equivalent to a speed of km/h 121,212); Alberto covered the qurter mile from a standstill in 14'8/10 (equivalent to a speed of 97,875). In november 1966, once loaded the famous Lambretta on the Fiat 600's roof,the Ancillotti brothers went to Elvington (GB) to establish the speed record on the quarter mile from a standstill start (15'129- 96,500 km/h) and flying kilometre from a standstill start (29''343 medium 122 km/h).Here are some data obtained from the magazine "Motociclismo": bore 66,4; racing 58; displacement 202; modified distribution diagram ; compression ratio 10,5; carburetor Dell'Orto SS 35B; declared power 28 cv at 800 rpm; super petrol power and oil at 6%; elaborated and polished flywheels;  discharge with increased diameter; high performance exhaust; 175 TV'S gear ratio; modified fork equipped with telescopic steering dampers; aluminium steel fairing, beaten by hand. After the records obtained they started to market some "processing boxes" and were prepareted some Lambretta elaborated for "regular competitions". Scuderia Ancillotti's official pilots: Massai, Cozzi, Alberto and Piero Ancillotti. We were at the down of the  off-road vehicle.